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    Players that have been banned by a staff member may appeal their ban if they feel they were wrongfully banned and/or banned for an improper time. Failure to follow the following guidelines will result in your ban being upheld.

    Anyone caught talking about their unban request, spreading the link to it, or asking others to comment on it will be automatically denied.

    • Posting on unban requests that have nothing to do with you will result in server & forum punishment.
    • Failure to fill out the template correctly will result in your request getting denied and your ban to remain.
    • Being rude/disrespectful while or after your unban request is posted will result in your ban being reinstated/extended/upheld.
    • Anyone who is granted an unban and is later banned for the same reason will have the ban extended and unban requests for the second ban will be denied.
    • Your ban must be at least 1440 minutes ( 24 hours ) long for you to appeal, any unban request for a ban shorter than 24 hours will be denied.
    • If the staff member who banned you posts on your unban request, back and forth fighting will not be tolerated. Keep it civil and do not be disrespectful, the same goes for the staff member.
    • You must name the title of your request:
      • [In-Game Name] Unban Request
    • Fill out the following template with as much detail as possible, the more information, the better chance you have of being unbanned.
    • Posts will be locked and moved to archive after 3 days of inactivity or when judgement is made by a senior staff member.



    Steam Name:

    Steam ID: ( e.g. STEAM:0:000000 )

    Steam Profile Link:

    In-game name:

    Server & Division?: ( e.g. DarkRP - Garry's Mod )

    Who banned you?:


    Ban Length:

    What Happened:

    Did You Break Any Rules: (Yes/No)




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