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    -= Donation Information =-

    FiveM's EULA: https://runtime.fivem.net/fivem-service-agreement-2.pdf


    Due to the increased server popularity, people asking, and needs changing, I'm opening up and allowing people to help cover server costs. Trying to work on the server and add stuff while people actively want to play isn't working, so I'd like to open up a test server that I can work on and test stuff while the main server is up, then when I have things working, I can push updates with ease.

    If we can make enough just to cover the test server costs I'll be happy, I don't mind paying for the main server, website, and teamspeak.

    Current Server Costs
    Main Server: $60.27 Monthly
    Website & TeamSpeak: $17.98 Monthly
    Website Domain: $22.16 Yearly
    Test Server: $60.27 Monthly

    Total Monthly Cost: $140.37

    Understand that this is ONLY to cover server costs and nothing else, once I've met server costs for the month, the link above will be taken down.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.